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2gm (.03#) - enough for about 27 cubic feet of compost (a bin 3x3x3 feet), or about two full batch piles in a commercially made plastic compost bin

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Quick Return (QR) compost activator is an inoculating powder which, when mixed with water, will easily and rapidly reduce your waste material to rich humus. The solution made from QR powder acts directly upon organic matter and all you need to do is properly build a pile, as described on this website and in our 32-page guide, Home Composting Made Easy.

Organic matter is broken down into compost by the action of bacteria. QR stimulates bacterial growth so that decomposition quickly spreads through the whole heap. In large-scale industrial composting, an inoculant similar to QR is often used to increase heat and rapid breakdown of organic material while enriching the heap with nitrogen.

In our gardens at Cortesia Sanctuary, we are committed to "growing" nutrient-rich soil through the periodic application of rich compost.

We create our piles so that they heat up rapidly. To do this we use the right type of ingredients with a mixture of carbon and nitrogen. We also use varying types of organic activators.

QR is an activator we have used for years, and it works quite well. It is just as effective as commercially boxed compost activators, goes further, and costs a little less.

Made in England by Chase Organics (G.B.) Ltd., who has been making it forever!

How to Mix & Use QR Compost Activator

  1. First make a solution by taking one small teaspoonful (level, not heaped up), of QR powder and mix it with one pint of water. A one-pint bottle is useful for this purpose.

  2. After mixing, shake well and let it stand for a few minutes. One pint of QR solution is sufficient to treat a compost heap three feet square by three feet high, and should be used in proportion for larger heaps.

  3. The solution will keep for several weeks, but should be discarded as soon as it begins to smell sour.

  4. For a Batch Pile, sprinkle a bit of QR solution over each layer as you build up the layers.

  5. For an Add-as-you-Go Pile, sprinkle some QR solution onto the newly added waste matter. Remember, however, that such a pile is often created over a longer period of time than a Batch Pile; therefore, the QR solution may go bad before entirely used. You may need to make a smaller quantity of the solution at a time

  6. TIP: Sprinkle some QR solution onto your pile after turning. It may aid to increase heat and breakdown of material.





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Home Composting
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