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Home Composting Made Easy was created to assist the millions of people who are learning to compost or are desiring to increase their skills and knowledge. Already, over 2 million households in North America use our illustrated 32-page guide, Home Composting Made Easy, the world's most popular book on composting. All of you have one thing in common: the desire to do your part to help this planet by preventing over 30% of your home-generated, compostable waste from being dumped into the rot

This site is going to make you feel reeeal good about home composting! Its got state-of-the-art information, illustrated instructions, tips, and a few classy products to make your composting efforts easy, light-hearted and successful. Follow the image of Professor Rot (to the right) around the site so you don't get lost. Make yourself at home and don't forget to bookmark this website and tell your friends about it.

On each page of this website, the leftside menu will be your guide to over 20 Key Topics about composting. Link quickly to any of these topics when desired. The orange links within the text body of any topic are your guide to further information that supports that topic.

We encourage educational organizations, teachers, businesses, garden centers, the general public, among others to freely link to this website. With deep reverence for Earth, best of success for your good composting efforts!

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This 68-page, fully color-illustrated guide is crammed with step-by-step instructions for over 25 gardening subjects, including 17 pages devoted to nutrition & garden designs.

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About the Creators of this Site

We are Dr. C. Forrest McDowell and Tricia Clark-McDowell, and we have avidly gardened together for 30 years. Our internationally acclaimed 22-acre nature sanctuary, Cortesia Sanctuary, is in the hills over a thousand feet above Eugene, Oregon. It has 2-acres of gardens where we grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, and a wide variety of flowers. There are also numerous "garden rooms" to relax, sit, listen to water, meditate and just watch nature and wildlife. Outside the gardens, along our isolated ridgeline are majestic woods and a 100-mile view.

In 1998 we wrote Home Composting Made Easy. Why? Because we generate a lot of organic waste in our gardens, and we have learned that "growing" good soil out of waste material enhances the health and beauty of plants. We are passionate about composting, even at 70 years old; so, as writers and garden educators, we wanted to offer the public the best practical information about composting, written with a blend of science, commonsense and folksy humor.

Oh, we almost forgot: we wanted to sell our 32-page guide at a fair price. Over 20 years ago, the original price was only $1.95. Today, at just $4.95, Home Composting Made Easy is still the best pocket composting guide on the planet!

We hope you enjoy this website and appreciate our sincere desire to make home composting as easy to understand as possible so that you can feel lasting satisfaction from your composting success.

P.S. We also hope you enjoy Professor Rot. He's totally harmless. Compost blissings!




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Home Composting
Made Easy

The world's most popular composting guide. Over 2,000,000 in print! And we wrote it!

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