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Professor Rot says:

Well made compost is nutrient rich. This allows plants to absorb these nutrients into their immune system. The result is wholesome fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowers and leaves.


Why in the world would you want to compost in the first place? Do you even know what compost is? What do you do with the stuff when you've made it? What are the nutritive qualities of compost for your plants or vegetables?

One of the best ways to jump into composting is to understand the value of finished compost. This part of our website will briefly address the above questions. Click on the title to quickly go to the topic:

Note: These topics are also addressed in our 32-page guide, Home Composting Made Easy.



Who would think that there is a link between well-made compost and nutrition? But there is! And every gardener who grows their own fruits and vegetables (hopefully organically!) can attest to a vitality and taste to their produce that is indescribable. Why? They have integrated nutrient-rich compost into their soil.

Soil and compost, in a sense, are at the bottom of the food chain, and humans are at the top. But don't kid yourself! You are literally what you eat! Look at the diagram below and follow the sequence from left to right, from the SOIL to the PLANT to the HUMAN. You can see the additive effect. Now read on to make the Nutrition Connection!


soil to person

How to Make the Nutrition Connection

There are 23 elements needed for human health that come from healthy soil. These elements are converted by plants (along with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen) into food nutrients such as amino acids, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber. A deficiency of even one of the 23 elements in our food will eventually lead to health problems in our body.

When plants are grown properly in nutrient-rich soil, their absorption of these 23 mineral nutrients can be maximized, boosting the nutrition of the food. In turn, as we ingest the nutrients (i.e. minerals and vitamins) in food, our bodies use them in thousands of enzymes.Enzymes drive our body's huge engine of metabolism and all the vital functions that keep us alive.

Are you still with us?

Deficiencies of key mineral nutrients in the soil prevent those nutrients from being drawn up by the plants and passed on to us via the food we eat. This can lead to a lowering of enzymes in our bodies and less than optimal health. So, keep adding that compost to your garden. It's good for the soil and you!


Love Your Soil and Get Love Back!

Now, that isn't so hard to understand, is it? Imagine now, when you add artificial fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and the like to plants and soil, how much this negatively affects the quality of the soil.

The soil will suffer in its nutrient quality, and so will the immune system of plants as they draw up the dastardly chemicals into their bodies.

My advice is this: Love the soil and this Earth as you would family and friend. Love your yard and garden naturally and organically.

Your soil will be amazingly rich with beneficial critters and microorganisms, your produce will taste fantastic, and your flowers and plants will have more stamina and beauty.

Trust me. I'm Professor Rot, and I'm here to help you.






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